The trees at 37 Townhill Road

The mature poplar trees on the west of the site are now just a memory.

View from the top of the brae on a snowy morning in March 2006

Even in winter their scale was impressive, creating a landmark for the traveller and a natural screen for both house and neighbours. In the summer, they gave privacy and added to the townscape.

Aerial view from the South-West, taken by Krissair (Aerial Photography) of Leeds, in 1996

The trees were felled during the week immediately before the application was submitted. On the application, in the answer to Q7, it affirms that no trees or hedges will be felled.

The developers have stated that the poplar trees that had been removed were in fact in dangerous condition, with the ones nearer the house leaning towards it, and being found to be hollow during felling. They also stated that, in the view of the contractor who carried out the work, the trees were dangerous and should be condemned. But why not wait for official sanction for the action?

A winter sunset for the trees . . .


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